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Mugs for Couple

Find amazing pair couple mugs that you can personalize with names, pictures, inscriptions, and other features.

Make the day as sweet as your bae with Family Panda’s Mugs for Couple! Whether you’re finding a pair of unique couple coffee mugs in a classic, romantic style or ones that can please an outdoorsy, dog couple, we got an extensive range of mug designs that can make the two of you speak the word “aww” for loving it. Imagine gripping and sipping your coffee while being reminded that your heart is brimming with love for the other!

Why personalize your mugs for couple?

A gift is all about expressing your love and care to the receiver. Therefore, why let a mass-produced item do it? Personalizing a cup can make the present more engaging and familiar with your lover while making the world jealous of its uniqueness. 

A personalized couple mug can include anything both of you love: your photo together, your anniversary date, and even your mutual pets. The more custom details you add to the cup, the more distinctive it would be - because your one-of-a-kind person deserves a one-of-a-kind gift! Plus, Family Panda is the place where your creativity becomes alive: custom our templates into your desired present FOR FREE! 

Mugs for couple by interest

We understand not everyone has the same interest - as a couple, there are still some hobbies you and them can’t share together. That’s whyFamily Panda has numerous couple mug ideas for anything you’re interested in, much easier for you to find the perfect gift based on your purpose and their gusto:

Romantic couple mug

Romantic items are always a safe option when it comes to gifts for couples. Some heartfelt messages lie under those lovely presents, like telling how your love for them doesn’t change with time, and it always will be. Or it can be the whispers that they are your treasure and you never want to let them go. No matter what word you’re trying to say, at least one of our romantic matching coffee mugs can do it for you. Don’t forget to customize it with some images and important dates, we know your picture would look so good in our design! 

Funny & cute couple mug

If you’re not the type of couple who say loving words frequently, then choose some funny, cute and unique couple coffee mugs instead. Cute couple cups with some hilarious quotes or icons are definitely the matching mugs you’re looking for: They have the positive vibe to cheer you up, and also put a smile on your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s face by reminding them about the giver (it’s you!). Whether you’re finding a personalized couple mug with a funny illustration or one with sarcastic quotes, we have it all!

Long distance couple mug

Nothing would be as great as a keepsake to recall you belong together despite any boundary in between. Therefore, a pair of matching mugs would be so great for long distance couples. Those couple coffee mugs could tell although you two are not side to side physically, your souls are always connected and you’re willing to share every happy or difficult time with your other half - just like two cups are linked to each other as a pair. Plus, your partner’s heart would be so melted knowing you have the same mug and are doing the same thing as them despite your different time zones!

Mug for pet lovers

Whether you have a mutual pet or are just keen on the same type of animal, mugs for couple should be on your checklist of presents. Why? First, a personalized couple mug allows you to add a picture of any pet you like on it to create unique and cute coffee cups - it can be dogs, cats, or even canaries and lizards! Second, such a customized present could surprise your partner and make them so happy since you really care about what they like instead of choosing a random, mass-produced gift. Third, sharing a pair of matching mugs is the same as sharing the same hobby with your lover: It’s fun and makes you feel the chemistry between the two of you. 

Mugs for couple by occasion

In case you couldn’t choose the perfect gift based on their hobbies, occasions to give it are also worth considering. Should it be a national day of gifting, or should it be a personal and surprising day for you two? Don’t worry,Family Panda has some suggestions!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is truly the time of love, and the day when your confession is more precious than ever. Therefore, don’t miss this chance to express your love to your beloved one! A Valentine’s gift doesn’t need to be a big one, but it should be wholehearted. We believe something that shows you’re a perfect match, like a couple of unique couple coffee mugs, would work. Check out our Valentine mugs with heart doodles, deeply romantic quotes, amorous but joking texts and more.


How can we not include Christmas - one of the biggest celebrations of the year! When the street is full of colorful lights and anthems, let’s be the real Santa Claus of your nearest and dearest. Hilariously tell them “a good child always gets the gift” and bring out this secret weapon then! Couple mugs might not be what they wrote in the letter for Santa, but it’s fun to exceed their expectations with a beautifully personalized present. Plus, how come they couldn’t fall in love with such a handy item? 

Any time

Nothing’s wrong with gifting on a daily basis (actually, a gift that came in sudden could brighten up a day). So, how about sending your bae one of the mugs for couple as a surprise gift? It would be so sweet to receive a mug with your own picture on it, while a cup with some motivational quotes would give your other half more energy to work and study until 17:00 - we know after that, he/ she’s all yours! 

Besides, you can take these mugs for couples as some options for anniversary gifts,birthday gifts, or simply a “thinking of you” gifts that says your heart belongs to them 24/24!